How to scan to email?

Most modern scanners and printers have the option to scan documents to email. This feature enables you to receive you paper documents by email with one simple click. For business purpose, make sure to use a quality scanner that can meet the required size of paper to scan and digitalize documents with a proper resolution.


Once you know your scanner supports scan to email, then you may configure email addresses in your scanner's address book. Saving your prefered email addresses will help you when scanning multiple documents quickly. Then, some scanners also have to ability to configure scanning profiles. You should configure profiles for each type of documents you have to scan. Defining profiles will ensure some quality consistency between each document. When configuring profiles, make sure to select a high resolution (300 dpi or more) and the best output format for each document type (eg. JPG for images, PDF for documents). For image scanning profiles, also use the best image mode available (24-bit colors recommended).

Define a process

Defining a digitization process is usually a good idea, mostly for businesses. This will unify how your documents will be preserved and make it easier to track the flow of documents according to your business processes. When preparing a scanning procedure, always make sure your process conforms with local regulations. Steps of a proper process may include tagging documents or applying a specific title pattern. Afterwards these steps will make it easier to find your archived documents.

Trashing paper documents

Before trashing any document, you should always make sure that your document has been properly imported. Always check the quality of your digital documents, to ensure they were properly scanned. After doing these steps, you document may be trashed. For business purpose, you may still want to keep your document for a certain delay before trashing it, just in case you still need the original paper document. Simply keep your document on a different file ready to be trashed.

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