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How do I get started?

In case you need more details about how to get started, you may read this post to get all the guidelines before scanning your documents.

What is document auto-tagging?

Tagging your documents allows you to find them easily afterwards. Therefore, auto-tagging tries to detect the content of your documents to automatically add tags during import. Then, you only need to validate the tags added and make adjustments if required.

Why do I need to sort my documents?

Just like you would group your documents together in a drawer, sorting them into categories makes it easier when it's time to find a specific document. The more documents you have the more categories you should have, so you can better refined your categorization process.

Can I restrict access to my documents?

Every user can configure two-factor authentication to protect his account. Configuring two-factor authentication requires Google Authenticator to be installed on your smartphone. Then, simply update your profile with the secure pin provided by Google Authenticator. Account administrators of paid accounts may also restrict login attempts to a specific IP address. This is the most secure option to protect your confidential documents.

Which file extensions are allowed?

You may import all kinds of Microsoft office and Adobe PDF documents. Text and image files with .jpg, .jpeg, .txt and .csv extensions are also supported. Other file types are restricted and will block your document from being imported.